Live it, Love it, Save it

What are Protectours

We are committed to preserving a beautiful world for future generations to enjoy. By focusing on environmental sustainability, PROTECTOURS contribute to that vital goal. 70% of the tours involve activities with zero environmental impact – like walking, cycling, or kayaking – while others make a direct contribution to the environment, for example, tree planting or beach cleaning. So, you can enjoy original insights into the natural world while preserving its beauty and helping to ensure a greener future!

A world of amazing experiences

PROTECTOURS offer you unforgettable experiences in close contact with nature and communities in a variety of environments around the world. Local guides, with an expertise in wildlife or traditions, will help you save baby sea turtles in the Caribbean, clean the desert in Abu Dhabi, explore Iceland by horseback, or immerse yourself in Corfu’s beautiful countryside and the magical world of bees.

MSC Cruises and the environment

Our love and respect for the marine environment are reflected in our certified eco-ships, with their innovative systems for energy saving, waste treatment and recycling. Naturally, our commitment to the environments extends to our onshore activities too. PROTECTOURS is not only a way to offer our guests a variety of eco-friendly shore excursions, but also a means of encouraging our onshore partners to develop tours that pay ever more attention to environmental sustainability. Just one example is that no single-use plastic or other items are accepted on these tours.


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