Being an MSC Voyagers Club member means entering a world of privileges that will continue to grow the more you cruise with us.
This is our way of saying thank you to loyal guests who share our passion for discovery and keep joining us, year after year.
Register and you will receive exclusive privileges, including a 5% discount on your cruise fare.

If you have sailed with us since 2006 or have a confirmed booking, apply now. It’s free


There are five membership levels to progress through: WelcomeClassicSilverGold and Diamond. Each time you cruise with us, you will earn points and as your points grow, so do your privileges and status. Don’t forget to provide your membership number at the time of booking to ensure you receive your benefits!

MSC Voyagers Club membership is subject to a minimum of one cruise every three years. If no cruise has been completed in three years after the enrolment date or your last disembarkation date, your membership will expire. Should your membership expire, you must subscribe again: you will be assigned the Classic status and a new Club identification number. Log in to your personal area to check out your points and membership expiry date.

MSC Voyagers Club T&Cs

MSC Voyager Club FAQ



  • 5% cruise discount valid all year round. Not valid on Tandem and MSC Grand Tours
  • 5% + up to 15% cruise discount on Voyages Selection departures
  • Pre-board MSC Voyagers Club special e-newsletter
  • MSC Voyagers Club personalised luggage tags for embarkation in the e-ticket
  • MSC Voyagers Club card
  • Welcome back cocktail
  • Onboard dedicated number
  • A collection of flexible onboard offers
  • MSC Ambassador (online poll)
  • MSC Voyagers Club e-newsletter
  • MSC Voyagers Club online personal area


FROM 2.200 TO 4.299 POINTS

  • 50€/$ onboard credit p.p. on Voyages Selection departures
  • Milestone reward
  • Complimentary fresh fruit basket per cabin once per cruise


FROM 4.300 TO 9.999 POINTS

  • Complimentary one-hour thermal area session once per cruise
  • Complimentary gift
  • Complimentary photo taken during Welcome back cocktail
  • Complimentary birthday cake
  • Priority disembarkation in ports where a tender boat is required



  • Priority line for boarding on embarkation day
  • Complimentary speciality restaurant “Tasting Menu” dinner per cabin (no beverages)
  • Complimentary spumante with chocolate-dipped fruit per cabin and once per cruise
  • Courtesy towelling bathrobe and slippers available during the cruise
  • MSC Voyagers Club chocolate ship
  • Complimentary dancing class
  • Late cabin check-out disembarkation
  • Priority disembarkation at end of cruise

How to collect points

Each time you cruise with us, you will earn points to upgrade your membership level. You can collect points based on the type of MSC Experience purchased, onboard services prepaid before the cruise and onboard expenses. Points are credited at the end of the cruise, approximately ten days after the disembarkation date. Take a look at more details below.

MSC Experience purchased

Experience Cruise under 6 days / 5 nights Cruises from 6 to 10 days / 5 to 9 nights Cruises of more than 10 days – 9 nights
Bella 200 points 500 points 700 points
Fantastica 400 points 700 points 1000 points
Aurea 600 points 1000 points 1500 points
MSC Yacht Club 800 points 1500 points 2000 points

As of May 27 2019, members who book a Voyages Selection departure will be credited double membership points for the type of Experience chosen. Points will be assigned at the end of the cruise.

Onboard services prepaid before the cruise: you earn 100 points every 150 €/$ on expenses made before the cruise on MSC packages and services included in the cruise booked*.

Onboard expenses: you earn 100 points for every 150 €/$ spent on board, excluding casino expenses. Points for onboard expenses (including pre-boarding purchased shipboard credit) will only be assigned to the MSC Voyagers Club cardholder making the final payment.
*For currencies other than € euro, the currency conversion on purchase day will apply.
Starting from 28 July 2017, members also have the opportunity to collect bonus points.
Members with an upcoming confirmed booking with MSC will receive 100 bonus points if they update or confirm their contact details (email, phone, address) up to 72 hours before sailing. Members can update or confirm the contact details in the MSC Voyagers Club online personal area or through the Web Check-in.
100 bonus points also apply to non-members with an upcoming confirmed booking with MSC who join the MSC Voyagers up to 72 hours before sailing.
Bonus points are not retroactive and are always assigned approximately 10 days after the end of the cruise. A bonus point by calendar year is provided to each client.

Book an MSC World Cruise and earn triple points!

For such a unique voyage, we will credit triple membership points for the type of Experience chosen at the time of booking, allowing MSC Voyagers Club members to enjoy all the added privileges right away! In addition, your Voyagers Club membership expiry date will be automatically extended by three years when booking your MSC World Cruise.
This exclusive privilege is valid only for ClassicSilverGold and Diamond members who purchase an entire MSC World Cruise. Discover MSC World Cruise!


Members-only additional savings on specific Voyages Selection departures!

On selected cruise departures, we have superb offers just for members that can save you up to 15%. Members from Silver to Diamond aged over 18 years, in addition to the discount, receive a €/$ 50 onboard credit per person. Don’t forget that Voyages Selection discounts can be combined with your always available 5% Club discount.
As of May 27 2019, members who book a Voyages Selection departure will be credited double membership points for the type of Experience chosen. Points will be assigned at the end of the cruise.

Take a look below at Voyages Selection departures available now!



  • Pre-sailing wedding consultancy and dedicated welcome aboard by MSC’s wedding planner
  • Bridal bouquet with matching boutonnière (normally comprising roses)
  • Exclusive lounge, adorned with elegant floral arrangements and a romantic path
  • Ceremony attended by ship’s Officers, with pre-recorded music (or live, fees apply aboard)
  • Symbolic ceremony certificate and booklet, signed by the Captain
  • Bottle of Asti spumante sparkling wine, served with the wedding cake after the ceremony
  • Two-tier sponge wedding cake (20 cm and 12-15 cm) filled with vanilla, raspberry or chocolate, made with sugar paste and decorated with a red, green, yellow or blue ribbon.



  • Deluxe breakfast in the cabin the morning after the ceremony
  • Bottle of sparkling wine, two gift flutes and canapés in the cabin on embarkation day
  • 1 hour photography service including the ceremony and photo shoot in various locations around the ship



  • Ironing service dedicated to the couple’s ceremony garments
  • Two-tier wedding cake° with white chocolate mousse, decorated with marzipan roses
  • 25 of your selected 20 x 25 cm photographs

°That replace the St. Honoré wedding cake of the Gold package

MSC Wedding Planners will ask you to complete an appropriate form to gather all your wishes for your wedding cruise. The exact date, time and day. MSC ceremonies have no legal or religious value. No privately contracted services are permitted. Cakes are decorated with the names of the couple and served in the ceremony lounge or restaurant on request. If the package is intended as a surprise, the a Captain’s cocktail as a cover. You can have your ceremony carried out only as part of one of the mentioned three packages. Both the contents of these packages and their prices may vary and are subject to confirmation.

*Asti Spumante for Silver package, Moet & Chandon for Gold and Platinum packages
** Two-tier cake (20 cm and 12-15 cm) for Silver package; two-tier cake (26 cm and 20 cm) for Gold package; three-tier cake (26 cm, 20 cm and 12-15 cm) for Platinum package.

The packages include up to 8 participants (the couple plus 6 guests; ages 3 and older count as guests, as sparkling wine can be substituted with fruit juice or punch). A supplement of $6/€5 shall be payable in advance for each participant above the total number of 8, with cake and sparkling wine for everybody to toast!


  • Culinary delights & extra toasts: full lists and choice of menus available on board
  • Video & extra photos packages: choose from an array of add-on photo packages and video services
  • Live ceremonial music: for the perfect atmosphere (fees per hour payable aboard based on availability)
  • Wedding beauty: Hairdo, make up and manicure: choose your favourite package at the MSC Aurea Spa

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